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Featured Track

Pop sensibility is the secret ingredient of Flyover Justin Karpinos presents Flyover, an EP detailing pop and its influence over relationships. In a rising world of coffee shop breakthrough artists ruling the charts and bands taking the form of hired hands a flood of multi-tracked singer songwriter albums. Karpinos’ roots are light and available in many outlets, but do they over influence his delivery? Karpinos arranges efficiently, song structures never jam up or bog down. Pop sensibility is the secret ingredient of Flyover. All the parts fit and nothing gets goofy. Karpinos stays away from the tongue-in-cheek delivery that launches so many singer songwriters today. Karpinos prefers the straight delivery, not over-decorating or debasing. The meat of the material in Karpinos work is relationships. The detailing of those relationships get a bit repetitive, but retain their adult contemporary manifesto of sober and steady. A few near-rock moments help separate occasional instrumental hooks. But the majority of this collection frames Karpinos' voice, the centerpiece. Karpinos tone shifts between almost broken-hearted and Midwestern inflection. Karpinos is a great addition to local working community. Flyover is a step beyond coffee shop. ” - Thomas Martin

Enigma Magazine (Chattanooga, TN)

Karpinos shows promise with his southern folk guitar style and velvety voice. Sidemen have a funny way of branching off from their side jobs. Justin Karpinos, who lends his fingers to local bands 60 Cycle Hum and Zammarin, makes his solo debut with this semi-acoustic, semi rock/pop EP. Though no Jack Johnson or Jack White, Karpinos shows promise via his southern folk guitar style and velvety voice. The lyrics drift from inspirational to insightfully painful. On one track about a “suitcase” father, Karpinos relates how a son “whispers prayers to his Manhattan god.” “Fifteen Percent” is the grabber here, though. The up-tempo tune is reminiscent of Jars of Clay (which is not surprising since producer Marc Lacuesta has mixed both) and just gritty enough to allow Karpinos to explore more mature lyrics and rougher vocals with a wider range. Though the freshman effort comes across as mostly, well, a freshman effort, it’s always good to hear a local musician with actual potential ” - Maggie Behringer

Chattanooga Pulse

one of the top 10 records of 2006 Chattanooga singer/songwriter sing and performs nothing like he talks. The east coast native has a smooth vocal delivery and is more than your typical singer/songwriter he considers himself. Some call his music similar to James Taylor. I beg to differ. Justin Karpinos sounds original.. Thank goodness he didn’t try to use a cookie-cutter mold to write and perform. Mature, with strong vocals and smart songwriting, others around him should pay attention. ” - William Alexander

Enigma Magazine (Chattanooga, TN)