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Singing BGV's on the shoulders of giants 

In March, I got a call from Richard, a former student who I played with a couple of years at Zeitgeist.  He is a versatile and talented guy with tremendous enthusiasm for music of all stripes.  One of things I really appreciate about Richard is that the ones and zeroes of production haven't diminished his joy for music at all.  I sort of worry that if I look at the matrix for what it is too long, I end up like Neo, seeing nothing but code.  For a while, I got obsessed with how much overlap there is in so…

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Just once a month -- January and February 

I quietly made it my resolution in January to have one worthwhile new musical experience a month, and I'm happy to report that I'm batting 1.000 so far.

I don't play out as much as I used to; that's a result of being busier professionally and personally than I was four years ago.  Also, frankly, of still being intimidated here in Nashville.  It feels like EVERYONE here plays and sings.  Everyone here writes songs and has a record and is trying harder than me to make a go of it, and sometimes my own…

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